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Oculo-facial-plastic Team

Spezialisten in der Augen- und Gesichtschirurgie - Aral, Richter, Dreiseidler

              Dr. Hüseyin Aral, Ophthalmo-Plastic Surgeon  :::  Dr. Dirk F. Richter, Oculo-Facial-Plastic Surgeon   :::   Prof. Dr. Dr. Timo Dreiseidler, Maxilo-Facial-Plastic Surgeon

This team is really unique!

All of them are dedicated to specializing in the eyelids and face. A plastic surgeon, an ophthalmologist and a maxillo-facial  surgeon in one team, in one department and in one house. Each of the three has years of experience in his field and was for years in leading positions at major clinics in Germany. Now they work hand in hand. Everyone contributes their special knowledge.

Unique in Germany and a blessing for complicated cases!

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